Dreamweavers – Alumni Scientist Public Lectures (Biological Science Session) - Faculty of Science 60th Anniversary

Dreamweavers – Alumni Scientist Public Lectures (Biological Science Session)

  Date: 18 November 2023 (Saturday)
  Time: 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.

LT1B, Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK

(Seats are limited; first come, first served)

  Language: Cantonese
  Registration & Deadline:

12 November 2023 (Sunday)

  Enquiries: sfo@cuhk.edu.hk / 3943 5523


  Lecture Series Topics:

  Talk 1:

The Sanitary Pad with Diseases Detection Function 

Dr. CHOI Pui Wah (Founder of WomenX Biotech)


Do you know that sanitary pads and pantyliners can be used not only for sanitary purposes, but also for understanding your physical condition? When combined with biotechnology, sanitary pads and pantyliners with menstrual blood and secretions can be used to detect gynecological diseases, cancer and bacterial vaginosis. In this way, women can understand their own health every day, which is as easy and common as weighting and blood pressure measurement. Nowadays, more than 10 million women are suffering from gynecological diseases every year. Our dream is to use technology to make women healthier and happier.

  Talk 2:

Blinding Inflammatory Eye Diseases 

Dr. CHU Wai Kit (Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, CUHK)


Ocular inflammation is one of the leading causes of vision damage. Human uveitis is a group of conditions characterized by inflammatory lesions of intraocular structures. I am currently developing novel treatments for both infectious and autoimmune-related uveitis. In addition, ocular inflammation could also lead to other irreversibly blinding diseases including thyroid associated orbitopathy, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In this lecture, we will know more about various types of inflammatory eye diseases. We will also do a simple but effective screening on a specific eye disease.

  Talk 3:

A Dietitian’s Life in Hong Kong – A Glimpse into the Profession 

Mr. WONG Ming Him Martin (Dietitian, Hospital Authority)


One of the attractive paths for Food and Nutritional Sciences graduates is pursuing dietetic postgraduate training to become a dietitian. The Hong Kong Academy of Accredited Dietitians (HKAAD) is recognized under the Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions (AR Scheme) by the HKSAR Government’s Department of Health, maintaining a register of Accredited Dietitians. Dietitians are allied health professionals who work in clinical settings in hospitals, community settings in non-governmental organizations and elderly homes, food service settings in food companies, research settings in universities, and private practice.

Dietitians base their messages on the clinical needs of individuals and groups, relying on updated scientific evidence. This lecture offers insights into the journey of Food and Nutritional Sciences graduates becoming dietitians, provides a glimpse into the work of dietitians in Hong Kong, and presents an example of addressing elderly nutrition concerns through a scientific approach to offer recommendations to society.


Biography of Speakers:


  Dr. CHOI Pui Wah

Dr. Choi is a female biomedical scientist with a strong interest in research on women’s diseases. While working as a researcher at CUHK and Harvard Medical School in the United States, she successfully discovered the causes of ovarian cyst formation and migration of ovarian cancer cells. At the same time, she developed new diagnostic methods for ovarian cancer to help women detect ovarian cancer early.


After returning to Hong Kong, she founded WomenX Biotech and invented sanitary pads that can detect female diseases, such as cervical cancer, bacterial vaginosis, and HPV infection. In order to apply her technology to sanitary pads more effectively, she established the only sanitary pad production line in Hong Kong to produce a new generation of scientific research-based sanitary pads. Its products are sold under the brand name “La Rosée”. In addition to scientific research, WomenX also shoulders social responsibility by providing free health information to the public and schools as well as nurturing young scientists. It is hoped that women will become healthier and happier after the establishment of WomenX.

   Dr. CHU Wai Kit Dr. Chu was graduated from CUHK Molecular Biotechnology Programme in 2004. He further obtained his doctoral degree from University of Oxford. He is a cell and molecular biologist, leading the Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Laboratories at CUHK. He is working on the basic and translational research on multiple eye diseases including glaucoma, uveitis, retinoblastoma, cornea, pterygium, thyroid eye disease, macular degeneration and novel ocular drug delivery. In particular, he is collaborating with Professor Andrew Schally (Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1977) to study the Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) pathway in various eye diseases.
  Mr. WONG Ming Him Martin

Martin graduated with BSc Food and Nutritional Sciences (First Class) from CUHK in 2014. He then completed MSc Dietetics (Distinction) from HKUSPACE/Ulster University. He holds the title of Registered Dietitian (UK), Accredited Dietitian (HKAAD), Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (US) and fellowship in Royal Society for Public Health (UK).


Martin is currently working in Princess Margaret Hospital, Hospital Authority. He serves various clinical areas including surgical and high dependency unit, medical and geriatrics, and orthopaedic wards. He also works for dietetic outpatient services. His commitment to evidence-based practice led him to complete Diploma in Advances in Medicine in CUHK and PgCert in Community Nutrition in HKUSPACE.


In addition to his clinical work, Martin is an active researcher who is passionate in developing and summarising medical and nutritional evidence. He has published over 20 articles in international peer-review journals and has received awards for his conference presentations, including International Digestive Disease Forum and Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors East Meets West Symposium.

Event Highlights

The Faculty hosted “Dreamweavers – Alumni Scientist Public Lectures” on 18 November and 9 December 2023. Outstanding alumni working in different fields were invited to return to their alma mater, and shared their rich and varied careers as well as their achievements with the audience. Through this public lecture series, the Faculty hopes that everyone can pursue their dreams on the road of science and achieve outstanding achievements in their respective fields.

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